Generation UCAN Australia is fortunate to welcome Chris Woolley on to our Elite Ambassador team. Chris is an incredible athlete, with succession of great results in the endurance and OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) fields. He has a constant fascination in optimising his nutrition for superior performance and ideal health. Some of his results include:

Chris has been using to Generation UCAN to help fuel his success for the past couple of years. He will be sharing his journey, tips for success, lesson learned and much more over the coming months.

We asked Chris to introduce himself to our community:

From a young age I have been involved in many sports, including soccer, tennis, surf lifesaving and cross country running. Team sports have formed a solid foundation for my athletic endeavours. I have used these sports to form a solid endurance and skills base to transition smoothly into OCR and any other endurance competitions I can sink my teeth into.

I am working hard at building some solid skills and endurance to make a mark on the OCR scene in the near future.

I have a huge passion and curiosity into the most effective and enjoyable methods to fuel the body for life and high level competition. My passion has inspired many enjoyable hours panning through research journals and listening to leaders in the field via podcasts by Tim Ferris, Ben Greenfield, Dom D’agastino, Dave Asprey, Brad Kearns and so on. The result is a glorious strategy for fuelling the body, one that allows me to compete at a high level of performance, with super-fast recovery times and also one that tastes ridiculously good and is very convenient. It utilises principles of cyclical ketosis which has stemmed from experimenting with several years of a higher healthy fat and whole foods diet.

I truly believe that when you have the ability to inspire or help others with information or actions, then you should transmit that knowledge and give them space to evolve.

Since discovering Generation UCAN through the inspiring work of Peter Attia, I have seen the impact it has had on various athletes. I am looking forward to being a Generation UCAN Ambassador, as our views are very closely aligned in regards to a nutritional and performance standpoint. I have found Generation UCAN to be an amazing product for improving my health and peak athletic output. Its ability to provide a steady supply of carbohydrates and allowing me to maintain a ketogenic state during competition has contributed to my great results. I am only at the tip of the iceberg in this area and am very excited to see where it will take me. I look forward to sharing my journey, nutritional experiments and knowledge with the Generation UCAN community.


Chris Woolley