Q: Where can I find information about Generation UCAN’s nutrition, ingredients and allergy components?
A: Each product page lists the nutrition and ingredients in the tabs towards the bottom of the page.

Q: How can Generation UCAN enhance the performance of AFL players and other similar athletes?
A: Some recommended clips for an introduction to Generation UCAN and how others in a similar sport have used UCAN are: 1. Brief science behind it and 2. Testimonial description by elite NFL coach

Q: When should I drink Generation UCAN?
A: We recommend drinking Generation UCAN  30-45 minutes before your workout to allow your body adequate time to breakdown Superstarch and to optimally prepare you for the work ahead.

Consuming Generation UCAN 30 minutes before activity helps most athletes overcome the need to rely on gels/chews/etc. during activity. Some athletes take 2 packs before their activity. All the athlete then needs to do is hydrate with water as our product provides sufficient electrolytes upfront.

Additionally, drinking UCAN, especially the protein enhanced UCAN, within 30 minutes of completing your workout will aid in refuelling and repairing your muscles, while allowing your body to continue to burn fat while you recover. For those looking to gain muscle, use 2 protein enhanced packets for additional calories or protein.

Q: How long should I expect to see the benefits of Generation UCAN?
A: Most people find 1 packet to be sufficient for 2-3 hours of steady energy for team sports. For games or practices lasting longer than 3 hours, where the athlete has a higher reliance on carbs, some athletes will consume a second packet of UCAN during activity, at half-time, or in between periods, depending on their intensity of effort.

It is best to avoid mixing with products/foods that spike blood sugar to maximise UCAN’s benefits.

Q: What if Generation UCAN doesn’t work for me, can I return my purchase?
A: Absolutely. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase we can provide a full refund or product exchange. See our Guarantee and Returns policy. We would appreciate it if you could let us know any dissatisfaction you may have, we are continually exploring new ways that we can improve Generation UCAN and our customer’s experience.

Q: Do I need to be fully fat adapted (in ketosis) or on a LCHF diet to benefit from Generation UCAN?
You don’t need any level of fat adaption to benefit from Superstarch fuel in the UCAN products. Following a “normal” western diet (whatever that is these days!) and fuelling with UCAN will still be the best and healthiest form of energy/fuel to help you perform at your best. One main difference is that you might not be as sensitive to feeling the energy provided by UCAN, whereas those who are heavily carb restricted will feel a noticeable boost from introducing any sort of carb back into their body.

In any environment, UCAN will slowly release glucose into your system, without spiking blood sugar or prompting a significant insulin release, which is the goal for performing at your best.

In summary, Generation UCAN is the healthiest and most effective nutrition supplement to fuel your performance, no matter the diet you are following.

Q: Help, I’m in New Zealand and need my UCAN, do you ship internationally?
A: Yes, we sure do ship Generation UCAN products to New Zealand as well. To do so, just select New Zealand in the country field as you are checking out.