Sublime utilised Generation UCAN to fuel their body during training and competition performance. With the help of Generation UCAN, Sublime were able to train harder for longer, achieving greater gains during each session.  Sublime’s hard work off the field paid off, earning them a reputation as one of the most athletic, hardest running and dedicated teams at the Championships. With a 10 month campaign consisting of 4-6 training sessions each week, the ability to work harder during those sessions and recover in time for the next was essential.

Ultimate is a non-contact sport played on a rectangular field 100 meters long and 37 meters wide. You score a goal by catching the disc inside your attacking end zone that is 18 metres long at each end of the field. There are 7 players on the field at a time and a turnover occurs when there is an incomplete pass.

Ultimate relies on Spirit of the Game (SOTG) that places the responsibility for fair play on every player. There are no external referees, with the sport self-refereed even at the World Championships. Ultimate is a very athletic sport, requiring crisp skills, tight turns, sharp sprints, big jumps, nimble agility and a willingness to hit the ground hard to get the disc.

At the WUCC, the games were 90 minutes long, with a point typically requiring continuous, intense athleticism for a few minutes.  After each point a team would typically substitute all seven players. At the WUCC, there were two games a day over the 5 day tournament. With such a high level of physical exertion, over a long period of time, it is important that Ultimate athletes correctly fuel their body for optimal and repeatable performance. Consuming Generation UCAN instead of the typical lollies and chips, provided a big boost to the team, keeping their energy high and stable between and during games. All too often, we see people consume simple sugars or carbohydrates during or after a game and then experience lethargy and a stomach upset as they begin the next game, noticeably detracting from their performance on the field. As Generation UCAN is gentle on the stomach and doesn’t alter your body’s blood sugar or insulin levels, it provides an excellent fuel source for an athlete in this situation.

The sport of Ultimate is going through a transition period at the moment with a number of Professional leagues operating in the USA. That transition brings a desire to optimise on-field performance as much as possible, involving optimising strength, conditioning, mobility, mental strength and nutrition. Of those, nutrition is often overlooked as a significant contribution to performance.

Generation UCAN is proud to have been able to sponsor Sublime and assist in optimising their performance through nutrition education and fueling the team for peak performance.

 Feedback from Sublime Ultimate Club

“I can’t believe this stuff is legal!” Jason Carr (Captain), in reference to the Generation UCAN benefits…Don’t worry Jason, it is entirely natural.

“I can definitely notice the difference that Generation UCAN makes to my energy levels” Glen Fowles, Spirit Captain.

“Where’s my UCAN? I can’t play without it.” Paul Whittock.