UCAN Trial Pack

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Our revolutionary UCAN SuperStarch ® was originally formulated as a life-saving energy source for children. It’s now the healthy choice for active people seeking steady, long-lasting energy without sugar.

The UCAN Fitness Trial Pack includes:

  • 2 x UCAN flavoured sachets (1 x Tropical Orange, 1 x Cran-Raz)
  • 2 x UCAN flavoured sachets with protein (2 x Chocolate))
  • 2 x UCAN snack bars (1 x Cinnamon + 1 x Chocolate)
  • 2 x UCAN hydrate (1 x Lemon + 1 x Berry)

(Limited to one purchase per customer)

UCAN helps you maintain steady energy levels throughout the day by stabilising blood sugars. Try it as a healthy snack to reduce cravings!

Get the most out of your training and optimise your performance with sustained energy to help you start and finish your workouts strong.

Lower your intake of sugar and fast-acting carbs with healthy, long-lasting calories from UCAN. Minimise blood sugar & insulin spikes and energise the right way!

The UCAN Trial Pack allows you to sample all of our product types in our favourite flavours of each. Whatever your body composition, health, fitness and competitive goals are, our revolutionary products will help fuel your success.


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