Nutrition for runner



When you’re putting in the hard work to train for a marathon, the last thing you want is your nutrition to hold you back. Generation UCAN makes fueling for a marathon simple, whether you’re a competitive athlete and running to win, or focused on fitness and running to lose 


UCAN delivers a steady flow of energy to help you avoid the dreaded bonk!


Avoid the highs and lows of sugar-based fuels with our slow-releasing SuperStarch®.



Fuel with UCAN 30 min before your workout rather than sipping on it slowly like a traditional sports drink


Do you have trouble fueling before or during your training? SuperStarch® exits the stomach quickly and gives you steady energy without the heavy feeling.


Most endurance energy products have simple sugars or maltodextrin as their carbohydrate source and deliver quick bursts of energy that require repeated re-dosing. Our slow-releasing energy source, SuperStarch®, is changing the way runners fuel their training!

Check out the handy chart on the left to see how UCAN simplifies your nutrition for races of any distance

How to use Ucan energy food for your race ? Listen the Podcast ! (5min)

We tackle the most common questions about how to use UCAN for marathon training and on race-day, podcast style!



It is important to note that UCAN is your fuel source, not your hydration, so make sure to hydrate with water and additional sugar-free electrolytes as needed during the race, especially on hot and humid days.

These two strategies are our general recommendations, but everyone has their own spin on it! 


  • Pre-Race: 

Drink 1 serving of UCAN 30-45 minutes before the race starts. You can choose either the UCAN Sports Drink Mix or the Protein-Enhanced Drink Mix. If using the Plain UCAN, mix with a scoop of protein powder or with sugar-free electrolytes for flavor.

  • During Race: 

Drink a 2nd serving of UCAN around 15km and a 3rd serving around Mile 25. Consume the serving over a 5-10 minute span rather than sipping on it slowly like a traditional sports drink. The amount of UCAN you take at each point during the race will vary based on the individual, but most people will consume a total of 1-2 servings during the race


  • Pre-Race: 

Drink 1 serving of Protein-Enhanced UCAN 90 minutes to 2 hours before the race starts. Drink 1 serving of the UCAN Sports Drink Mix 30-45 minutes before the race starts.

Consuming 2 servings of UCAN pre-race will allow you to go longer before needing to re-fuel.

  • During Race: 

Drink 1 serving of UCAN around 25km. Consume the serving over a 5-10 minute span rather than sipping on it slowly like a traditional sports drink.

Testimonial from the best !

Tanya Namad, California International Marathon

I took 1 packet of Vanilla Protein-Enhanced UCAN blended with unsweetened almond milk (250ml), instant coffee (1 tbsp dissolved in 300ml hot water), half a banana, and 1 tbsp of flax seeds blended with a 1/2 cup of ice before the race. I started sipping on this 2 hours before start and finished it 1 hour before the start.

For during the race, I mixed 1 packet of Cran-Raz UCAN in a small bowl with a caffeine shot. What I do since I have lots of gels, which I previously used, is empty out the gel packets, put the UCAN gel into a large feeding syringe (available at medical supply stores), and then fill the empty gel packets and staple shut.  1 packet of UCAN fills 3 empty gel packs, which I took at mile 8, 15, 22.  I only drank water at every other water station.

Kerrie Koehn,Boston Marathon

“Since the Boston Marathon is such a late start, I got up early and drank a Vanilla Protein UCAN shake. I took another Vanilla UCAN with me to the start along with my 2 packets of Pom-Blu UCAN, both just mixed in throw away water bottles.

I sipped on the second Vanilla Protein UCAN shake while waiting. I only drank about 1/3 of it and put the rest in my drop bag for after the marathon. I drank the Pom-BluUCAN 45 minutes before the start. I used a gel flask at mile 16.5 with the second Pom-Blu UCAN mixed with 150ml water.

Everything went great!  No GI distress and I ran a PR in Boston and re-qualified for next year!”