For awhile I’ve been doing some of my longer runs with an awesome friend who does Ironman.  Her ability to pace and perform outstandingly in longer distance events inspires me to be a better athlete. So on one of our longer run she suggested I do the Taupo 70.3 event. I’m not convinced, I’m much better at the shorter distance events and was quite unsure about the whole thing about ‘going long’. I thought up some pretty good excuses and a lot of ‘ums and ahs’, but eventually entered, with about 4 weeks to race day. I had better start some longer bike rides and keep up some form of running.

Race day dawned with a perfect setting for a swim in Lake Taupo. We really are lucky to live in such a beautiful country. I had a good swim start and it was all going quite well until I caught the 3 waves in front, then I had to play dodge the swimmers until exiting the lake. Onto the bike and into my UCAN. My aim was to go steady for the first 45km and then pick up some pace for the trip back into town. I figured I would need 2 servings of UCAN for the bike and refuelled accordingly. After 90km I got off the bike feeling great. I put my fuel belt on for the run so I didn’t have to rely on stopping at the aid stations apart from water. I hadn’t managed to do much running off the bike, so I knew if I went too fast I’d be in real trouble as the course is surprisingly ‘undulating’. Support out on the course was fantastic and helps you to keep going. I passed another athlete in our age category on the run. Crossing the finish line I found out I was second!! Woo hoo!! What a surprise. Will I do another? – I said no, still say no!, but I might change my mind as apparently I qualified for the World long distance champs next year.

Total of 3 servings of UCAN and zero sugar.

Vicki runs a business in New Zealand specializing in Sports Podiatry and Biomechanics. She also is a qualified Sports Massage therapist treating athletes from recreational to elite level. When not working or training, she coaches in triathlon (Level 2 BTF coach) and is a Cycling New Zealand track coach and mentor.

Vicki Wade